Destiny’s Quinceanera Party Anaheim Recap | M3 Live Banquet

Wasssssuuup everybody!  This is Destiny’s Quinceanera Party in Anaheim Recap Blog Post!

The party was at the M3 Live Grand Ballroom in Anaheim CA. It was a really great party! Everybody was dancing and singing along to the songs the entire night. For entertainment they had a Mariachi Band which played during the majority part of the dinner service. They also had a Banda Sinaloence, which I thought was amazing. I can’t remember their name, but they were on point!

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4 Tips on making The BEST Quinceañera Surprise Dance

So, how can you make the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance? Check out these 4 easy but, very important tips.

The majority of the Quinceañeras have long and slow waltzes, for all the formalities. They have anything from Chayanne (Tiempo de Vals) to the most traditional Quinceañera Party song Timbiriche with Thalia singing (Quinceañera). It can become very predicting and sometimes boring.

When it comes to the Surprise Dance you have to bring back the energy! You have to get everybody’s attention. You have to set the tone of the party. Let them know we are here to have a great time and PARTY all night! By following these 4 tips you will have the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance!

Best Quinceanera Surprise Dance Video

So here’s a list to make the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance tips: #1 You must…

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Quinceanera Tips: Hire a DJ or a Live Band?

Check Out Our Quinceanera Tips.

This can be a stressful situation if you’re a music lover like I am. I would also have a hard time deciding for one. Fortunately, I am not planning a Quinceanera Party (LOL) but you are. And we are here to help you make a smart decision. Just hire us end of story. Just kidding. Keep in mind that for the past 13 years our weekends have mostly been spent at Parties, Weddings, Sweet 16’s and Quinceaneras. We know a few things like, what really happens when you have a DJ, Band & a Mariachi (yikes)…

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